WordPress Freelancer: How Much Should I Charge?

As a staff augmentation company with hundreds successful projects under our belt, we’ve obviously worked with WordPress before. In fact, at ProCoders we have several fruitful cases which demonstrate a tremendous collaboration between our developers and our clients. What’s most important – location determines the education, language level and mindset.

Also most don’t have a formal training in software engineering, so the code that they create is very expensive and difficult to maintain. To the point that even most plugins have quite low standards. 3) Codeable and CodementorX are paving the path for what premium WP development SHOULD cost.

freelance wordpress developer rates

The only problem is that you cannot know how much they cost if they do not have a site where you can see the price upfront. That’s why I’m writing this article to show my experience and tell you how much a freelance developer can make on average. There are different pricing models freelance WordPress developers can use. Whether you choose to charge hourly or per project, remember to highlight the value you bring to a project. However, the thing about increasing your rates is it’s often easier said than done. The most common things holding developers back from higher salaries are not knowing when they should increase their rates or worrying they will lose clients if they do.

A. Salary for a Freelance WordPress Developer

A good way to do this also involves applying for underpriced projects but with the goal to show the potential client the value you can provide. This is because many clients do not know what the budget should be for a project but are happy to pay for a good freelance developer. This data is based on the hourly rates of over 20,000 vetted freelance developers on the Codementor platform. Explore freelance developer hourly rates for different tech stacks, and filter their freelance rates based on experience level and location. We’ll help set up billing and payments, and start connecting you to real-time projects with global clients.

freelance wordpress developer rates

Will it bring enough value to your business to be worthwhile at this point? If the answer is yes to both, then you can get the hiring process started. At Toptal, we give you the flexibility to work on as many projects and with as many clients as you want, as long as you’re still able to deliver quality work. We give you the freedom to increase or decrease the amount of work at any point. You will take the website of one of the world’s leading online media publishers to the next level with a full site upgrade. This project will involve the creation of a brand new custom WordPress theme, as well as the development of several plugins.

Entry-Level WordPress Developer Salary

A nice bonus is that teaching English, for example, in Central European countries begins from childhood, which means that there will most likely be no problems with the language barrier. At Toptal, we encourage growth for each and every member of our talent network. We have dedicated tools https://globalcloudteam.com/ and processes set up to help you build new skills, so that you can take on projects that are of interest to you. Whether you use our community Slack channel to chat with experts or attend Toptal Academies, you’ll have the tools necessary to improve your existing skills and gain new ones.

Go over the project description and quote with the stages and timeline. Make sure that you are both on the same page about how work will proceed along these guidelines. Don’t forget to ask the freelancer if they have anything else to ask or say. Any misgivings you have might be easily cleared up by discussing them further. It can also confirm red flags that will tell you that working with this or that person is not the right move. Focus on what you liked about each freelancer and what made you feel uneasy.

freelance wordpress developer rates

If you are on a shoestring budget, it doesn’t make business or logical sense to hire WordPress developers from the United States or Canada. If you charge an hourly rate, Fred Meyer of WPShout suggests not taking anything less than $50/hour for U.S. He suggests $50-60/hour as a good starting rate, but it should increase to $75/hour within a year and $100/hour within two years. If you live in a country with a higher cost of living, such as the United States, salaries for general freelancers may seem low.

Poland is one of the most attractive countries for outsourcing talented devs for an affordable price. Entry-level developers get compensated around $1500 per month, while senior developers’ earnings average $3000. WordPress programmers are compensated differently depending on their geographical location and seniority. Firstly, in Central Europe it is much easier to find a developer with the right skills, because there is an increased availability. The hiring process will take much less time than in the US or Western Europe, where talented coders are already busy on other big projects. Our partners at Frontegg were looking for a small team of full-stack programmers to bring their project to life.

Choose Your Projects

A lot can be said and soon forgotten – or worse, denied. As you go through each activity related to the project, document everything. It’s vital that you have hard copy references to avoid issues. You can record calls or share and acknowledge notes to help you keep track, whichever works best for you. The developer you hired may have built a hundred sites before this one, but every site has unique elements.

  • In other words, a completely custom WordPress website or an app starts at around $6,000 and can often go beyond $60,000.
  • Traditionally, working with freelancers is cheaper than collaborating with an outsourcing or outstaffing company that builds a remote WordPress team for you.
  • Video calls are also a great way to check each candidate’s Internet connection in real-time.
  • According to PostStatus, beginner WordPress freelancers should charge between $25-$40 per hour while more experienced freelancers should charge between $40 and $400 per hour.
  • Internet issues should also not become a factor that causes delays in work progress.
  • You will not know how much the project will cost until it is done and you’re finally presented with an invoice.

To be able to qualify as a senior WordPress developer, you should have a minimum of 5 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. WordPress Stack Exchange, where you can ask and answer questions about WordPress development with fellow developers. Along with choosing a niche, improving your skill set can also help you earn a higher WordPress developer salary. Start raising your rates a bit for every new client that comes in. On the other hand, Codeable charges $70-120/hour, depending on the project’s complexity, scope, and urgency.

You can also provide long-term clients with a lower increased rate to show appreciation for their continued business. Another reason to compare salaries is that many people find it uncomfortable to discuss salaries. According to a survey done by the compensation software management company Beqom, 41% of employees were uncomfortable talking about pay. However, knowing the salary range for WordPress developer jobs can help you maximize your earning potential. Big-name freelance marketplaces like Upwork improve the safety of cooperation with freelance developers.

If Your Looking For A Strong And Stable Site, Expect To Pay A More Talented Web Developer More Money.

And, by charging similar rates to one another you won’t be driving the value of the market down either. For example, you usually charge $1,000 for a site, but you are now re-making a site for a successful e-commerce business. If they will earn $5,000/month from your site, it is worth a lot more than $1,000. This can be difficult for some people to implement.

Toptal generates revenue through direct contracts with clients. Working at Toptal has allowed me to grow as a specialist, and I love being able to do it all remotely. Set the rate you want and enjoy a steady stream of income without the overhead. We handle all billing and invoicing directly with clients, so you can focus on your remote work engagements. Are you a full-stack developer who loves to code and create? Do you have a passion for Javascript, Node.js, Python, Linux and DevOps?

Average WordPress Developer Salary in USA And Around The World

Hiring a professional web developer may seem daunting at first, but it can save you significant amounts of time and effort in the long run.

You also want to think about whether or not you will be comfortable working with them personally. Like-mindedness, rapport and trust can be just as important to the success of the project as rates, skills and experience are. You need to indicate why it’s important to have and what you want it to achieve. Use this web design questionnaire to help you understand what a WordPress freelance developer needs to know about the project. Then prioritize the elements from highest to lowest. No, Toptal does not take a cut from your hourly rate.

C. WordPress Theme Developer Salary

Outsourcing always feels like a loss of control, although this can always be avoided through improved communication with a partner. In the end, a lot depends on the partner – the choice of outsourcing company is the most crucial choice in the whole process. You pay for the active work hours, meaning that the holidays, bench days, sick leaves and etc. are handled by the outsourcing company. In addition, you won’t have to spend time searching for suitable candidates, conducting numerous interviews and review endless portfolios. In outsourcing companies, pre-selection is handled by their employees, giving you the opportunity to save time on the hiring process as well.

For example, for the same work, a developer in the US will receive $120 per hour, and a developer in India will receive $15 per hour. Trying to figure out the average cost for WordPress developer is proving to be quite a challenge, as even American sites provide conflicting information. For example, find wordpress developers the total pay for a full-time WordPress engineer in the United States according to Glassdoor is $71,474, while on Indeed it’s $63,059, and on Payscale $50,447. Based on all these sources, we can conclude that the average wage in the United States is approximately $63,929 or $35,4 per hour.

If you look at the pricing of projects on Upwork for example, you will see how much damage this undercutting can cause. However, the problem with this approach is that pretty soon someone else will be undercutting you and the next person will be undercutting them, and so on. In the end, the prices drop so low that they not only devalue your time but often leave customers with the impression anyone can do the job.

These two types of developers are very easy to distinguish. Those who create plugins and do detailed website customization usually state in their job title that they are front-end engineers or PHP developers. On Upwork the average USA-based WordPress front end developer salary is $92 per hour. Same goes for skills, even though the impact of this factor is harder to measure. But it’s safe to say that WordPress developers with profound knowledge in PHP, HTML and CSS tend to charge more on Upwork, than developers without those skills.