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Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at I opened a Classica trading account with this broker. I should say that at first I didn’t put much value on this brokerage service. I simply had extra money and wanted to open one more account just to diversify my capital. My approach to assessing new brokers is very simple but my trading experience tells that it works.

  • „Our aim here was not just to deliver data, it was to engage our traders. Only this way can our content really unleash the potential in them,“ added the spokesperson.
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  • Please contact and describe your issue to a specialist who is best equipped to assist you.
  • So i was not sure about adding more profit when i did not earn from my first profit.

LimeFx was created to provide high quality and dependable services. LimeFx INT is owned by OM BRIDGE LTD, a South Africa LimeFx firm, regulated by FSCA and based in South Africa. Arrogant manager they promise you things that it would nkt be happen and it will not happen even in your dreams dont loose money. Better do hardwork to earn for living karma for them taking money from innocent people.. LimeFx is obviously another company dealing in deception and internet fraud… LimeFx is a scam, says 15 days and then dragged until way more than a month.

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Due to wrong advise several time i lost a couple of tousend. The broker only wants more and more money from you to cover losses of trades that went the wrong direction. Thanks once again for taking the time to review LimeFx.

I was looking to make big money on little LimeFx & found out that is the perfect place for that. I was called by Micleal from LimeFx on evening. He said I have lots of money which is unclaimed. So he said he is the financial advisor and he can help me to withdraw. The he said I have to deposit Usd 250 then I can withdraw.

LimeFx cheating

Then tell me it has been done but don’t have a proper proof, just sent me a few columns with make up info with no… This is a total scammer, they will say or do anything just to persuade you to deposit. This is an untrust worthy company, please do not invest even 1 dollar here. Please don’t do my mistake, do not invest in LimeFx because its a scam, a big one. LimeFx helped me by providing me with everything I needed in regards to sharpen my knowledge of the markets very patiently.


From the very beginning, LimeFx’s team has always been committed to the principles of close relationship with clients, becoming the helper you need. LimeFx’s exceptional team and trained managers will help you diversify your knowledge by teaching you how to use important trading tools and stay connected to the markets. lime fxis a popular international Forex & Crypto CFD broker, offering the tightest spreads on many assets. You will find that they are a favorite among experienced traders who use the MT4 or MT5 trading platforms. LimeFx clients will enjoy superior support that will make their trading trip special. LimeFx is not just a regular online trading provider, but one that aims to challenge your trading skills.

LimeFx cheating

No patience in dealing with the new trader like me. Please be kindly informed that our sources and the use of clients’ personal data are in line with the GDPR regulation. If you wish to have your personal information removed, please contact our team at We don’t have our own personal experience with LimeFx.

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In addition to providing you with the freedom to choose in all aspects of your trading activity, we also focus our efforts on creating a safe trading environment. For this reason, we have chosen the path of regulated brokers and implemented all the measures imposed by regulators in several countries. Why can’t i withdrawal my money, i deposited 250 but they can’t allow me to withdraw. In fact, when i signed up and saw those hundreds of assets like crypto, comodities, stocks and so on, i had no doubts to invest in this company. Also, once i was on the go to a business meeting,…

Among many things, the Company can request the analysis of the client’s financial situation, employment situation and other non-financial elements. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at There are brokers that offer a deposit of 100.

Under normal circumstances, Credit/Debit Card withdrawals, once processed by the Company, take 5-7 working days approx. We appreciate your feedback, and we are deeply sorry that we were unable to accommodate your refund request within a reasonable time. If you would like more information, please contact our team at

LimeFx cheating

LimeFx offers trading Commodities, Shares, Indices and Cryptos… First we deposited around $200 then the manager pushes us to invest to $2000. They instruct us to buy losing trades limefx courses scam to the point that all the money got liquidated in a few days. Wasn’t able to claim my withdraw of 500$ left. I created my account a month ago with no previous trading experience.

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I don’t need to upload any proof coz i already have my funds and that’s the only thing that’s importnt. Their account manager will call you first, and then ask you to deposit first payment before their professional manager to call you and ask you to invest items. We are sorry limefx review you did not have the great experience we try to give all of our clients here at LimeFx. Please make sure to inform our support team about your experience at All who were scammed by LimeFx let’s join me. They cannot get away with that and must be punished.

We are sorry to see a 1-star review, and we apologise for your negative experience at LimeFx. If you’re open to discussing your experience further, please email us at We are truly sorry to see that your experience with us was less than great.

How easy is it to get a hold of customer service at

Severely abused telephone calls with ignorance account manager who are. Exhausting your valuable time and capital for reckless passport checking and postal address for their’s scammer trading. And, indeed intently disguise any relevant information from his company’s details.

After that, I could no longer access my account and no-one would respond to my multiple email. I guess I have lost all of the money I had in the account. I was one of them that lost money with this scammers, the reason why I’m writing this review is to Alert people not to get involved with this Scammers. LimeFx complies with relevant countries‘ applicable laws and regulations and conducts its business operations under ESMA.