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Then, this activity data is sent to the contact it belongs to in HubSpot so reps know where the prospect or customer is in the buyer’s journey and how they should go about following up with them. Zendesk offers a ticketing system to keep track of customer inquiries and allows you to keep details about all of your customer interactions in one place. It helps you provide consistent customer experiences among your fellow employees and customers. It’s important to note these are just some of today’s popular integrations — there are hundreds of more integrations to learn about and choose from as your business grows. If you’ve heard of integrations before, chances are you’ve also heard about iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service. The difference between the two is an important distinction to make when determining which one you need for your business. While an integration is a one-to-one, direct connection solution, an iPaaS solution is not. Referring back to our analogy, without the integration, or connector cable, your laptop wouldn’t be able to communicate with your TV to allow you to watch Friends on the big screen. You need that integration, or cable, to allow for added functionality and watch the show on TV — without it, this wouldn’t be possible.

You can change the number of supported branches or tags by changing thepush_event_hooks_limit application setting. If a single push includes changes to more than three branches or tags, integrations supported by push_hooks and tag_push_hooks events aren’t executed. Instance and group-based integration management replaces service templates, which were removed in GitLab 14.0. Integrate Microsoft Teams with ticketing and support tools from GoTo Resolve makes it easy to submit, track and start a remote support session. The GoTo Connect integration makes it easy to connect your calls with your CRM contacts in ConnectWise and attach call logs, notes, service tickets, activities, or opportunities. CallCabinet’s call recording platform delivers compliance, analytics, and security to GoTo Connect-hosted VoIP services. Simplify and streamline your call workflows so that you can focus on providing quality customer service.

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Manage meetings directly from Salesforce Lightning to boost productivity, optimize operations, and build apps fast. Personalize your customer’s service experience and take your sales team to the next level. Provides a simple web-services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Trello Stay on top of your tasks no matter where you’re working. This Trello-ClickUp integration will send tasks to ClickUp every time you add a new Trello card. The following companies have created integrations that connect with ClickUp’s versatile features. With just a few clicks, import everything from Wrike into ClickUp! Automatically migrate all your tasks so you can say sayonara to having more than one place to manage your projects.

For notification mechanisms not natively supported by the Alertmanager, thewebhook receiver allows for integration. The remote write and remote readfeatures of Prometheus allow transparently sending and receiving samples. It is recommended that you perform careful evaluation of any solution in this space to confirm it can handle your data volumes. For service discovery mechanisms not natively supported by Prometheus,file-based service discovery provides an interface for integrating. Integrate your GoTo Webinar account with any landing page or lead generation asset you create using Leadpages. The first fully integrated VoIP application designed for Insurance Agencies and Brokers integrated with the agency’s AMS/BMS software. Get connected with your team, turn your chats into video conferences, and host professional webinars right from Cliq.

The Ultimate Guide To Integrations And Why Your Business Needs Them

Use the Slack API to build an app that connects the tools and data sources your organization needs to run smoothly. Choose from over 2,400 apps in the Slack App Directory to support whatever work you do. If you use custom tools or follow processes specific to your company, you can also explore the Workflow Builder to create your own workflows, or build a custom app using the Slack API. Box natively integrates with the line-of-business apps your teams use most, such as Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite. As the single, secure content layer beneath all of your tools, Box gives you peace of mind — and empowers each department to get work done right in the app. Project management Plan projects, automate workflows, and align teams. Merge allows you to read and write data on behalf of your users with ClickUp and related project management services through a single Unified API. Monday Monday Love Monday, but require a more dedicated platform for project management? This ClickUp – Monday integration checks for new pulses in Monday and automatically creates respective tasks in ClickUp.

The Slack integration is a digital workspace and communication tool that allows you to connect and talk with your team members. The integration is ideal for team collaboration and coordination from anywhere. The Hotjar integration gives you insight into who your website and mobile visitors are and what their needs consist of directly from HubSpot. There are many types of integrations, each of which has specific functions to help meet different needs. The easiest way to think about the various types of integrations is by category. Some integrations have several functions, meaning they could technically fit into many categories because they serve more than one main purpose. Let’s pretend you want to plug your MacBook laptop into your TV using a connector cable so you can watch reruns of Friends on Netflix on the big screen.

In fact, most of these integrations are compatible with dozens of programs in addition to HubSpot. Learn about integrations and how they can help your business grow by adding the necessary functionality to your existing software. Easily automate routine actions and communication by using Workflow Builder to create your own custom workflows. Then follow the prompts to install the app or connect your account. You’ll see the option to connect your account after clicking Add to Slack if an app has already been installed in your workspace. Click Apps in your left sidebar and explore the directory from there. Slack is designed to work with your internally built solutions and processes. Connect specialized tools to increase their use and adoption, so teams can quickly take action. Bring your tools to your team, save time and avoid context-switching.
The WordPress integration helps you optimize and align your WordPress website with the data about your contacts and business goals you have in HubSpot. The Front integration is a collaborative inbox, meaning all members of your team can see and access your contacts, review deals, and see all activity history while working in HubSpot. All of these details are automatically synced in Front and your CRM. This helps you improve your customer experience and ensure it remains consistent no matter which employees your customers work with. These Integrations help you measure your success across a number of analytics platforms. You can look at your data in different ways and ensure all of this information is well-organized in HubSpot so your team can review it at any time. These integrations help you learn more about which of your efforts are working and which ones need to be modified.